Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

Technological Packages

  • Technology for conservation of typical Mexican dishes ready to eat
  • Technology for the conservation of avocado paste by high pressure
  • Technology for making pickles and nopal capsules
  • Technology for production of brown sugar and molasses
  • Technology for the production of distilled agave
  • Technology Extraction of essential oils

Technology for conservation of typical Mexican dishes ready to eat

The dishes are packed in flexible retort pouches (pouches) and then sterilized properly in a multiple autoclave, giving a product free of micro organisms without alterations in its molecular structure, while maintaining its traditional flavor and preserve the product around two years without need for commercial refrigeration. Food preservation is achieved by the massive destruction of microorganisms with steam power and the inability to re-contaminate products after cooking.

Technology for the production of banana chips

It is a 100% natural snack prepared from plantain, aimed at a discerning taste in preserving the original flavor of the fruit, adding a crunchy texture to the product. In the form of slices, without the addition of preservatives or dyes. Natural, sweetened and seasoned, three flavors are optionally obtained.

The banana chip obtained from banana fruit by combining osmotic dehydration techniques and boiling. With the technology developed a good balance of flavors is obtained, providing a crisp texture and a more natural color. Trade dress pillow type bag can be 30 or 40 grams.

In CIATEJ it has technological proposals for plants with a base processing capacity of 20 tonnes of banana per day to get 5 tons of finished product. The plant can be designed for the capacity required within the desirable ranges.

Technology for the conservation of avocado paste by high pressure

The avocado paste (v. Hass), is the fruit pulp in ground, mixed with permitted additives and optionally with other natural ingredients, the presentation is flexible and commercial and institutional portions container, as the market you want to serve.

Avocado pulp produced in a traditional way, vacuum packaged in compressible containers, which allow high pressures to treat 87,000 psig, approximately over a suitable time period. Is then stored and distributed in commercial refrigeration retail

This technology, inactivates pathogenic microorganisms such as Listeria M., E. Colli and Salmonella and others; and inactivating enzymes priming precursor; to be a low-temperature process, the avocado paste retains its natural flavor and has a shelf life so it can be properly marketed as a (healthy) and a safe product as natural taste like fresh avocado

Al integrar ésta tecnología con otras operaciones convencionales dentro de una nave industrial apropiada; permite a los usuarios procesar materias primas de poco valor para el mercado (aguacate chico) y que una vez procesado le agregan un valor atractivo, repercutiendo en un alto impacto social y económico parra los productores.